Khamis, 6 Oktober 2016

Say Goodbye to Complicated Incentives | UBER

Earnings Boost
Start the Week Right!

Earnings boosts - we guarantee simplicity, transparency and no confusing terms and conditions.

This week, we have special guarantees for the Monday Public Holiday, andyour Tuesday - Thursday Earnings Boost is up to 1.3x guaranteed fares (plus no service fees on any Earnings Boost)! Read on to learn more details and make sure to come online this week to earn great money!

You spoke and we listened! With Earnings Boost, there are no complicated terms and conditions, no worrying about TPH and complete transparency.
Here’s all you need to do to earn:

Check the Uber Partner App

Check your Partner App daily to see all our upcoming Earnings Guarantees

Drive in the right areas during the guarantee periods

Yes that’s right – it’s that easy. All completed trips on uberX / uberXL which are requested from the highlighted areas qualify for Earnings Boost.

Make Money!!

You get to keep ALL your earnings boost. Uber only deducts the service fee from your fare portion.

Here’s how it looks like, using an actual trip receipt from a partner:

Gross Fare: RM19.30

Uber Service Fee: RM4.83 (25% service fee from gross fare)

Toll: RM2.50

Earnings Boost: RM5.79 net (1.3x at this location and time)

Net Earnings: RM22.76 (Gross Fare – Uber Service Fee + Toll + Earnings Boost)

Find out more about the best timings and areas for earnings boost in our original blog post here! If you have any questions call us at 1800-81-8360 between Monday to Friday 9AM – 6PM to speak with our support staff.


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