Jumaat, 21 Mac 2014

MH370 : “We have lots of hope”

THE first plane sent today to fly over one of the remotest places on earth returned empty-handed from its hunt through rough seas for objects that may be from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, Australian officials said.

The RAAF P3 Orion landed in Perth shortly before 7.30pm (AEDT).

The aircraft’s pilot Flight Lieutenant Russell Adams remained upbeat about finding the potential MH370 debris, saying “really good weather” has provided “good opportunities”.
“We have lots of hope,” he said.
“Hopefully we will find something.”

Meanwhile, Malaysia’s Minister of Defence and Acting Minister of Transport Hishammuddin Hussein said they had enlisted help from the man who led the investigation into the Air France Flight 447 crash.

“He has agreed to assist us with his considerable experience and expertise,’’ he said at tonight’s regular public briefing.
“I will also be speaking to US Secretary of Defence at 21:15 tonight to request several specialist assets to help with the search and rescue effort including remotely operated vehicles for deep ocean salvage.”

He also confirmed Kazakhstan authorities found no trace of MH370 there.

“The Kazakhstan authorities have assured us they have not found any trace of MH370 and we are awaiting permission for Kazakhstan to be used as a staging point for search operations,’’ Mr Hussein said.

Another three RAAF planes — two more Orions and an ultra-long-range Bombardier Global Express — were still scouring the area 2300 kilometres from Western Australia trying to solve the nearly two-week-old mystery, of flight MH370and another was on the way to look for two large objects a satellite detected floating off the southwest coast of Australia about halfway to the desolate islands of the Antarctic.

Acting Prime Minister Warren Truss confirmed late today that two Chinese aircraft were due to arrive in Perth tomorrow and two Japanese aircraft will join the search on Sunday.
Mr Truss, who will tomorrow visit the RAAF Pearce airbase where the search is being co-ordinated, said the worldwide effort to find the plane would widen over the weekend.
He voiced a warning that given the satellite images were now five days old, there was some possibility whatever had been there had sunk or moved.

However, he added: “This is the only lead in the world right now - and there is a real prospect the aircraft was in this area, so we must take this search seriously.’’

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