Pretty awesome promo from #CelcomExec for the Celcom BB Bold 9780 and BB Torch 9800!

Pretty awesome promo from #CelcomExec for the Celcom BB Bold 9780 and BB Torch 9800!


The BlackBerry® Bold 9780
Leave the dull to the masses. With BlackBerry® Bold 9780's, you're one of a kind. Its rich
features and stylish look will make fans of even non-believers.

The new Bold™ 9780 is a step up from Bold™ 9700 with superior enhancements. Polished with a 5 MP camera and a 512 MB memory. Yet, at the core of its fantastic appeal is the new BlackBerry® 6 OS. BlackBerry® Bold™ 9780 is an obvious enrichment.

Below are the power packed features of BlackBerry® Bold 9780.
Connectivity at your fingertips BlackBerry 6
Packed with the new BlackBerry® 6 OS, BlackBerry® Bold 9780 will drive you towards simplicity with a touch of class. Not only will you be able to update all your social feeds at once, you can also surf websites faster with a richer and more engaging interface.
Connectivity at your fingertips Exceptional battery life
The BlackBerry® Bold 9780 has the longest battery life among all phones in the BlackBerry® range. With 6 hours of talk time and 38 hours of music playback time, your ears will be working overtime.
Connectivity at your fingertips Wi-Fi
Equipped with Wi-Fi®capabilities, the BlackBerry® Bold 9780 will enable you to effortlessly switch between various networks to access your BlackBerry services. Lugging your laptop around or looking for the nearest cyber cafe is now a thing of the past.
Connectivity at your fingertips 3G network support
With a 3G support, you can always check emails, browse website or stream videos just anywhere around the world on 3G networks.With BlackBerry® Bold 9780, it is now easier to keep in touch.
Connectivity at your fingertips High resolution screen
The BlackBerry® Bold 9780 provides a dazzling display for an engaging experience. Your daily tasks be it viewing videos, surfing websites or reading emails are now livelier.
Connectivity at your fingertips Share and go media
Upload your videos and share your music instantly with friends and family through the BlackBerry® Bold 9780. Equipped with a microSD slot, you can now carry all your videos and music wherever you go.
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